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Sitting quietly Doing nothing Spring comes and the grass grows anyway ~Basho

Now that Spring is here, I know that I will become energized, enlivened and invigorated, but this quote reminds me that it is OK to move into Spring slowly. As in Slow. The. Eff. Down.


How many times do I catch myself in the middle of “doing” something and realize that I would rather be doing ANY~THING else than what I am doing. Does this ever happen to you? I catch myself in a mindless, strum and swirl of silly daily obsessive things in hopes of finding some meaning in the doing.

Does that make any sense at all?                                                                                Do you find yourself as U2 says “caught in a moment?”                                        So damn busy doing that you forget you’re a human being?

I often wonder how life would be different if I were able to just do the one thing and stick to it? Stick to the one thing. Having had the desire and discipline of a ballerina, when I stopped dancing I felt like I chucked all that daily direction away. I lost or ran away from the schedule. I have moments where I can’t believe I ever had that kind of conviction and commitment. For me the fearless fierce fire and passion for ballet technique drove me and in the process of striving for perfection (= doing), I never saw just how beautiful the being was…

Listening to Chopra and Oprah today, Deepak shared something that I would like to share with you. It is going to be my new mantra for a while until I can feel it in my bones. He spoke about the self, the true self, the real self-esteem. NOT the self image.

  • I am beneath no one
  • I am fearless
  • I am immune to criticism

Will you join me in this? Will you try it on for a while and see how it feels? Will you look into your eyes every morning and every night and say those 3 sentences?

  • I am beneath no one
  • I am fearless
  • I am immune to criticism

Join me in letting go of fear and practicing the dance of self love!

Listen hear for this awesome podcast on Super Soul Conversations with Oprah and Chopra! Big shout out to @chrismckethan for sharing it!!




Holy Hella Holiday

A few thoughts about handling the mayhem

I have no idea how in this crazy world to get all of it done.

Actually, I know that I can’t. So basically I feel like I’m starting with failure as the end game… but I may have a plan.

Being present with a teenager…

The theme this month at the yoga studio is “presence” or “belonging”. Somehow in my addled mind I see the two as similar sides of the same situation, and here’s why:

When you are fully present you feel belonging. You feel good in your own skin. You feel your breath. You get repeat reminders thru your day of how lucky you are. Gratitude flows and all the little pesky poop that holds you back somehow mysteriously fades into the ether. Flow state. Samyama. The final performance, not the tech rehearsal.

Yet when you are stuck back in the traffic jam on I-26 profanity flying because you didn’t make that last stop before you had to showed up for your brothers daughters childs’ 1st birthday party, you can hardly be present. You definitely don’t feel like you belong there… because you know that you really belong somewhere else, anywhere else. You feel me?

When the fates conspired to drop an unexpected obstacle right smack in the middle of your path, it takes all your Zen resources to remember that “the obstacles to the path are the path”. And when you’re busy working all your spiritual mojo to Be. Here. Now. you certainly don’t feel like you belong. No Flow state here. You feel more like an alien zombie medusa who’s only task is to beam down all the ghosts from your past that make you feel like you have seven heads and roll them across all of your perfectly laid plans at the most random intervals just to make you even more certifiable!

But wait…

Plans mean I’m thinking about the future. Thinking about the future means I’m not present. Not being present means I think I belong somewhere else…Not feeling like I belong leaves me feeling alone. Isolated. Unimportant. Unnecessary. It’s all an intertwined organic mess of life and feelings and people and beauty. {this is why I think belonging and presence are besties or worsties…}

So this time of year CANNOT be about getting it done. The greatest gift to give anyone is time. Honest, earnest time. Your time. Your precious time. Your precious limited time on this earth. Y.O.U. That is all the present anyone needs. Your full present moment presence. People need you and me slow the eff down and be with them. Not long. But long enough so they can feel that they belong.

Helping others helps us belong. Helping others shows us how even the smallest gesture means our presence has value. So when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the cultural societal posture of gift giving I’m going to stop the shopping and start the sharing of presence. Everyones deserves to feel that they belong. Everyone deserves your presence. Even you 🙂