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Sitting quietly Doing nothing Spring comes and the grass grows anyway ~Basho

Now that Spring is here, I know that I will become energized, enlivened and invigorated, but this quote reminds me that it is OK to move into Spring slowly. As in Slow. The. Eff. Down.


How many times do I catch myself in the middle of “doing” something and realize that I would rather be doing ANY~THING else than what I am doing. Does this ever happen to you? I catch myself in a mindless, strum and swirl of silly daily obsessive things in hopes of finding some meaning in the doing.

Does that make any sense at all?                                                                                Do you find yourself as U2 says “caught in a moment?”                                        So damn busy doing that you forget you’re a human being?

I often wonder how life would be different if I were able to just do the one thing and stick to it? Stick to the one thing. Having had the desire and discipline of a ballerina, when I stopped dancing I felt like I chucked all that daily direction away. I lost or ran away from the schedule. I have moments where I can’t believe I ever had that kind of conviction and commitment. For me the fearless fierce fire and passion for ballet technique drove me and in the process of striving for perfection (= doing), I never saw just how beautiful the being was…

Listening to Chopra and Oprah today, Deepak shared something that I would like to share with you. It is going to be my new mantra for a while until I can feel it in my bones. He spoke about the self, the true self, the real self-esteem. NOT the self image.

  • I am beneath no one
  • I am fearless
  • I am immune to criticism

Will you join me in this? Will you try it on for a while and see how it feels? Will you look into your eyes every morning and every night and say those 3 sentences?

  • I am beneath no one
  • I am fearless
  • I am immune to criticism

Join me in letting go of fear and practicing the dance of self love!

Listen hear for this awesome podcast on Super Soul Conversations with Oprah and Chopra! Big shout out to @chrismckethan for sharing it!!




What is yoga to me?

What is yoga to me anyway?

Lately I have been struggling with the true meaning of yoga. Is it a workout? Is it a choreography lesson? Is it meant to be fed to me? How do I feed others if I’m not clear about what it is? Where the hell is yoga going in 2019 in an America that is so divided? Why do people feel like they have to belong to one studio only and not another? What’s more important, the safety? The number of people in my class? The tone of voice I use? The color of my mat, my hair, my heart?

What the hell is happening to the yoga I fell for, the yoga that saved me, the yoga that stopped me from hating my differences and helped me love my beautiful messy artistic life?

SO here is what I have discovered.

Yoga for me is not about anything. It’s really about nothing. No goals. No #yogagoals. It’s about having a sacred place to lay it all down. Period. Lay. It. All. Down. Put the insanity aside, find a modicum of clarity and let the truth bubble up. The pure naked truth of who I am, where I am, and what I am and then sit with it a while. Just be with myself with no one looking. It’s one big messy dance of discovery. A dive into the depths of whatever is taking up space in my cerebrum, cerebellum and prefrontal cortex and then determining what stays and what goes. It’s a long slow walk into my own egoic humanity to uncover whatever happens to be there. In that moment.

I have gotten caught up in the daily dance of do-this, now do-this, now try-this and then throw my ass in bed at midnight, going over my gratitude list rapidly and begging all the Gods for more hours to manage all the mindless necessities of life.

Is that yoga?

For me the real yoga is about NOT setting an intention for my mat time.

For my life, yes, my mat? No

My mat is my sanctuary. It’s my place of willful worship. I get on my mat when I’m so churned up I can hardly breathe. I get on my mat when I am peaceful and prayerful and grateful. I get on my mat to find whatever the universe has for me that moment of that day. I get on my mat to find the connection that gets lost by overthinking, overdoing, over scheduling, over anything-ing. I get on my mat to bring it all home. To connect the dots of who I am. Heart. Soul. Spirit. Voice. I get on my mat to find out who I am. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Me thinking way too much!

Do you feel like your yoga has gotten out of hand? Is it turning into a space for fitness goals?

I’m interested in hearing where you are on your mat these days. I wanna hear about you, yep, sweet little you! So please leave a comment and share!

Now I’m getting on my mat! (oh, after I go to the dry cleaner…)